Interview your next batch of tech prospects within a day

Pre-screened tech talent from more than 90 nations. After the initial interview round, 93% of clients hire.

Interview in 24 hours   Pre-vetted talents   14 days risk-free period

Verified talent pool from across the world

Everything you need to build a team, including 90 skills and 16 different role kinds

Software developers, UI/UX designers, project and product managers, QA analysts, and devops

5 stages to successful hiring

A resume screening process, client assessments with a talent acquisition expert, peer-to-peer professional interviews, soft skills and language HR interviews, and client interviews are all included.

Performance evaluation of remote teams

Customer Centricity Supervisor

In order to ensure efficiency and productivity, your diligent CSM will start the project and collaborate with you to optimize your team through weekly 1:1 meetings.

Dashboard for provided service

Utilize the platform to keep tabs on JIRA, Git, Slack, customer NPS, and evaluation while managing performance quality.

Transnational payroll and compliance infrastructure

Subscription for talents in more than 90 countries each month

Just like your cloud infrastructure, you can scale up and down your team, and you only pay for what you actually need. We take care of everything else; you simply need to make one payment.

IP and legal protection

By taking on legal obligations while ensuring you keep ownership of the intellectual property, we shield you from risk.

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Book a session with one of our talent experts and describe your requirements in detail.

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